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We reported earlier that SHINee’s Minho suffered a minor injury on the set of Dream Team season 2. Luckily, with a negative there is always a positive as it’s been reported that f(x)’s Krystal set a new record for vaulting on the show!

On the show was special guest Shim Kwon Ho acting as a referee. He was an Olympics coach from the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Olympics. Also making appearances were SNSD’s Jessica, Hyoyeon, talent Yoon Joo Hee, Kim Jung Min and Jin Bora.

She may be the younger sister, but Krystal sure showed up Jessica when she reached an astonishing distance of 1 meter and 60 centimeters in vaulting, setting a brand new record. Congratulations to Krystal!

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