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Alright, now that I have the undivided attention of every single male viewer on allkpop, let’s get to the good stuff.

We previously reported on actress Han Hyo Joo's practice and tutorial videos for her rather sexy CF for Samsung, and finally the full CF is now out. She mentioned previously about how hard it was for her to portray sexy, but I think she did fine.

To all you teenage boys out there, I’ve been there & done that, so let me just give you the time stamp (1:01) of the part you’re going to skip to anyways.

cr: urasiansourceKpop

I think that this CF is absolutely brilliant, purely because of the length of Han Hyo Joo's skirt. With a skirt that short, she didn’t even need to dance, although it was much appreciated. After 20 seconds into the video, I was already on Samsung’s website entering in my mom’s credit card information. I straight up did not even know what they’re selling in this CF, but I was ready to buy it in bulk. I guess there is a reason why Han Hyo Joo was among the top 10 hottest females.

Although I better start packing my bags soon because my mom is no doubt going to break both my legs, sever my spine and kick me out of the house once this bill comes home.

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