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We're no strangers to slang for we use them in our everyday lives, but there's one word that seems to be stirring up a lot of tension and controversy in Korea: Honey thighs.

Honey thighs is a common word used among the netizens and also the hormonal males of all ages, to describe a girl/woman with immaculate thighs. But what does honey thighs mean? Apparently honey thighs is a short way of saying "Sweet as honey thighs" "Charming as if they were coated with honey thighs". Apparently this has offended some people in Korea and some netizens as well. On an internet forum a netizen posted that "The word honey thighs is a sexual word and it is offensive to females and causes sexual harassment, I would ask that you all help in prohibiting the use of the word, honey thighs."

This netizen stated that the definition of the word "honey thighs" isn't as simple as posted above. The netizen claims that honey thighs is more sexual and means something like "A thigh I'd love to rub honey on and lick off" and is furious saying that the word is slipping into our everyday life and protested for the word to be banned. Even Korean portal site Daum has requested people to refrain from using the word "honey thighs".

However there also people who are for the term saying "It's just a word to describe the beauty and clean look of a woman's thighs; you call men "apes" on a daily basis, how about prohibiting that first?" And even After School member UEE supports the word "honey thighs", saying on set of her SBS drama You're Beautiful, "The word honey thighs made me and defines who I am. Thank you. I don't feel offended at all."

So what do you readers think? Is honey thighs really an offensive word or is something being blown out of proportion again?

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