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As if I didn’t already have enough to intrigue me about the remake of The Housemaid: star Lee Jung-jae will apparently be featured in a nearly all-nude bed scene with his co-star Jeon Do-yeon, who plays the femme fatale housemaid character who comes between him and his perfect young bride (Seo Woo) in the psychological thriller.

On a broadcast of SBS’s Entertainment Tonight program that aired on February 11, Lee Jung-jae said, “When I rehearsed the bed scene with Jeon Do-yeon, it was so cold I wore a tracksuit, but when we filmed it we were practically nude.”

The Housemaid has been attracting a lot of buzz ever since the remake of the 1960 film was announced, and interest has remained high with the high-profile castings of Jeon and Lee. The film is aiming for a May release (with its eye on the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival).

Via BNT News


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