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When idols decide to take their chances States-side, fans like us often hope for the very best and expect the very worst. Questions and concerns that cross our minds usually take the groups we adore, in the context of the Korean pop scene, and plant them in the midst of the fast-paced, occasionally vicious American entertainment industry, and allow the nausea to ensue.

Take for example YG’s attempts with Se7en in 2007 and SM’s efforts with BoA in 2008. Se7en and YG took their venture in baby steps; a few featured singles here and there, a couple fan signing events, and then a single featuring Lil Kim in 2009. It was a respectable effort, but some factors fell through, and Se7en was pulled back to Korea to pursue Asian comebacks and save some face with his Asian audiences.

BoA, on the other hand, was able to make a bigger splash. She was able to release a full length English album titled BoA, and went on to earn spots on four Billboard charts. However, in 2010 BoA returned to Korea to produce her 10th debut anniversary album, and has been active primarily in Asia ever since. Oh, and don’t even start with me by bringing SNSD and The Boys and that maxi-single into this. We all know that is going nowhere.

JYP seems to know what he is doing though. Cue the Wonder Girls, 2009. The girls began their US expedition with an English version of Nobody, and that about accomplished everything every K-pop act prior to them had insofar managed to do. But then JYP announced that the Wonder Girls would be opening for The Jonas Brothers’ North American tour, and suddenly we had a game changer on our hands. This wasn’t a one-time gig, this wasn’t some fleeting appearance (not to say that they hadn’t already done both). This was a chance for the Wonder Girls to be heard in front of an audience of thousands, across the country, on several separate occasions. It was an outrageously unexpected and ingenius move to come from the JYP camp, a move that had the potential to project the Wonder Girls into a serious States side music career.

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