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... for the variety show 'We Got Married' that is.

On the 'We Got Married' episode that aired today, Hwang Jung Eum and boyfriend Kim Yong Joon from SG Wannabe got to experience what most couples probably are most excited for other than their wedding, which is their wedding photoshoot. Although the photoshoot was very significant for the couple, this photoshoot had a much greater meaning behind it because the man behind the camera was actor/photographer Jo Minki, better known as the king in historic drama 'Queen Seon Duk'.

Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon, my favorite celebrity couple, are looking great in these photos. I'm totally digging the paparazzi themed set of pictures but where is the paparazzi in the pics? Also for those who were wondering why there is an apple and a peach on the text for 'We Got Married', the couple's nicknames for each other are apple (for Hwang Jung Eum because she's as pretty as one) and peach (for Kim Yong Joon because he's as cute as one). Anyways enjoy the adorable pictures of the happy couple below!

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