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What’s a good K-pop discussion on here without a healthy dose of perspective? The comments sections of this site are precisely there for all of you to (respectfully) debate it out with each other on different aspects of K-pop. As long we all refrain from mindlessly lobbing Angry K-pop-Insult Birds™ at each other (Red = Anti bird, Blue = Bias bird, Yellow = Delusional bird, Black = Boom bird, Green = Troll bird) and are willing to give different perspectives a chance, we actually (readers and authors alike) can use these debates to our advantage as a learning experience to further develop our understanding of K-pop as a whole.

Here are our favorite comments from five article topics this week that contained particularly astute differences in opinion:(...)Read the rest of SB Comments Of The Week (1/8-1/14) (1,571 words)

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