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The promised blind date is finally here! =)  It's so cute to see Fighting Junior so nervous for their blind date. ^^  Leetuek is turning 30 this year, so that's why he has to serve his military duties already.  They agreed to give a sign by touching their sideburns if they like the girl that appears.

First girl is Son Eun Seo, she's really pretty and Donghae seems to really like her, and Eunhyuk too.  2nd girl is Lee Sena, 3rd is Shin Soyool, and 4th is Jung Yun Joo.  Eunhyuk likes all the girls, LOL! XD  They made introductions the girls first.  Eunseo appears coy which is usually the type that men likes.  Sena is 30 yrs old but she looks so young!  Soyool hosted a music show before so she's familiar with Super Junior, she's very outgoing and doesn't appear shy at all.  Yunjoo is only 22 yrs old and is still a student.

Fighting Junior showed their skills.  Sungmin sang and played the guitar, Eunhyuk danced, Kyuhyun sang and performed magic and Donghae prepared a self-composed song and gave out flowers to the girls.

Dimples Couple - Episode 15 w/ English subtitles

credits: KSNSubs / [email protected]

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